[thelist] Image problem in FB

Simon Perry simon.perry at si-designs.co.uk
Sun Nov 2 06:49:13 CST 2003

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> Im uploading the correct CSS to the server now, so you can see the
> changes, and please tell me if you are seeing that page incorrectly in FB.
> Thanks for your help !


Removing the 2px line height has fixed the display problem with the
"Welcome" line.

There are a couple of issues with your floats, floats remove the content
from the normal page flow so the left hand paragraph breaks out of your
containing div.

Also even changing the padding-top: to 0px on both float <p> styles the left
hand fload is about one line lower than the right.

A clearing block after <div id="right"> should fix the break out problem <br
class="clear"> .clear{clear:both}.

The difference in the text height between floats is most likely a white
space issue, remove all the white space within the contents of the left and
right divs.

My only other comment is that your css rollovers were very slow to load
resulting in a blank white box while the new image came in from the server.
You could set the background of the two images to their rollover states so
that the browser gets the rollover images when the page first loads, that
way when the rollover is triggered the rollover image will already be cached


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