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Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Sun Nov 2 15:23:44 CST 2003

mike karthauser wrote:

> On 2 Nov 2003, at 20:49, live4bacon at optonline.net wrote:
>> I am curious as to the general consensus on designing sites for 
>> 1024x768 resolution monitors.  Is this a good practice or should I 
>> avoid designing a site for monitor sizes larger than 800x600.
> although most people(*) view in 1024*768 i still design to fit 
> 800*600, if you design flexible layouts like google, ebay, amazon, 
> etc.. you shouldn't need to worry about screen size. 

I usually* try to build liquid layouts with 800 x 600 as base and 1280 x 
1024 as largest

*except when graphic designers specify fixed layouts. blah :(

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