[thelist] Submitting a form with javascript

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Mon Nov 3 11:26:53 CST 2003

> if your sole concern is the look of the button, why use JS to tackle
> it when it could be done more quickly and with less hassle (and
> code) with CSS?  your scenario presents a specific
> browser/platform combo, so this could easily satisfy it if that
> combo is CSS-friendly...
> i have done this in the past -- styled a button to look like a
> hyperlink -- at the client's request in a closed intranet...
> i found it
> was faster, easier, and offered more flexibility to use CSS...

Faster and easier? But then I would have to write JS to create a rollover
effect. :)

>From .jeff:

> 1) some browsers break forms that don't have an actual
>    submit button meaning you can't use the enter key to
>    submit the form.  some claim this as a good thing,
>    but it's not.  it's a disruption of expected
>    behavior for those users accustomed to it.

But I wrote about a NON-cross browser site, so this is not a problem if the
ONE browser allows the button. (furthermore you could also write JS to
handle this)

> 2) look all around you at data collection forms.  in
>    practically all the cases a button is used to submit
>    the data, not a link.  using a link is a departure
>    from normal ui conventions and will be nothing but
>    a confusion for your users.

I disagree. Many sites use an image as a submit 'button' (especially for
searches) and for the casual user, that looks more like a link than a

> 3) can you really mandate that non-sighted users use
>    ie as well?  or, are you going to have to succumb to
>    their need to use a screenreader (which may or may
>    not be based on the ie web browser control)?

Again, I'm talking about a NON-cross browser site. If the site only supports
one browser, then YES all users would have to use THAT browser. :)

> 4) what do you do if the company gets a wild hair up
>    their bum and changes their browser standard
>    internally?

Now you have come to your singular interesting point. If that were to
happen, then I would just explain to them (as they already know) that it
will take me X days to deal with converting their site to a new browser. :)


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