[thelist] Re: Language Detection vrs. Splash Screen

Ken Chase raskenbo at fastmail.fm
Tue Nov 4 16:54:45 CST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003 10:22:35 -0500 , "Ben Gustafson"
<Ben_Gustafson at lionbridge.com> said:
> > Using/not using a splash page is one thing. However, being 
> > from a bilingual country, I know that a large and vocal group 
> > would be offended by one language being the "default" over 
> > another. 
> Huh? Think about that for a second. How exactly would not having a
> default
> language work? If a site was in English and French, and your browser
> language preference was set to German, which language would be displayed?
> Esperanto? None?
> I think the "large and vocal group" needs to get over itself.

What I meant was that the default page would have information in both
languages. After thinking this over, I guess you could call this a splash
page. Good call.

The point was that you normally wouldn't want to offend your audience or
ignore policy/law. 

Maybe the "large and vocal group" needs to get over itself. However, they
are a reality. Maybe a person who is satisfied using IE3 "needs to get
over itself" and upgrade their browser (if they can). However, in many
cases you still want them to be able to use your site - for the sale or
the vote ;-)


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