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Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
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Loads nice and fast, and not too much junk on there.
The logo is not nice though, looks like it was put up because nobody dared
tell the designer that it was bad.
There are three horizontal lines on the page, one is 100% width, one is
about 70% width, and one is fixed width, having the all the same width would
balance the page.
In IE all text is fixed size except one line - preferably allow all text to
be resized with [ctrl]mousewheel.
What are all those links at the bottom? Can't you condense that into one
line of 8 links or so?
I don't know about grammar and all that, but is "students search" correct?
Isn't that the possessive requiring a hyphen?
Browsing in a small window, I never noticed the search results showing
underneath the advertisement, I thought there was no content at all at
What's with the "html version"? They both are. It could be called the
"Apologise for bad search results" version, as that's the only difference I
Your text about adding links is strange:
Sudden Capitals, grammar done wrongly, and some sentences weirdly are
sometimes constructed.

Hope that helps

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I was hoping that some of you could have a look at

I have just finished the main design but would like some feedback on

A) any errors
B) spelling / grammatical mistakes
C) your comments in general

I think I have most things working now. I have added about 50 sites to
the directory so the search function won't be all that accurate yet. But
that should improve. The database is finished so you can add sites.

Feel free to reply on or off list as you prefer.

Thanks in Advance

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