[thelist] I'm in a givin' mood

David Mitchell dave at dbmdata.com
Wed Nov 5 19:16:00 CST 2003

So true Paul. We call it "The Law of Demos". Everything works perfectly 
every single time you run the app in every permutation, but as soon as 
you do the exact same thing in front of the boss or the client - it crashes.
The Law of Demos.

Paul Bennett wrote:

> <tip type="the universal law of presentations - part 1">
> In any internet / software / hardware demonstration or presentation 
> there will always be *one* unexpected and impossible-to-plan-for thing 
> that goes wrong .
> Work your guts out before the demo to ensure that the impact of the 
> "universal law of presentation" is minimized
> </tip>
> <tip type="the universal law of presentations - part 2 (browsers)">
> If you are presenting
> (1) an application that uses a lot of javascript
> on
> (2) someone elses machine
> at
> (3) someone elses workplace
> always make sure you
> (4) turn off javascript error warnings
> *before* the presentation _or_ thoroughly debug the application 
> beforehand.
> Not a good look - trust me on this one
> </tip>
> <tip type="Mozilla mail and multiple accounts">
> (This may be standard in other mail clients but I don't know because I 
> haven't used them)
> Did you know you can drag / copy mail from one mail account to another?
> Simply select the messages to copy / move and drag or copy them right 
> into another accounts folders.
> </tip>

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