[thelist] Javascript - Form value undefined

Edward Hartfield ehartfield at sflabs.com
Tue Nov 11 11:16:33 CST 2003

If I'm not mistaken, this refers to the document, not the form.  You've got two forms on your page, but your code doesn't distinguish between them.

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I'm doing a basic JavaScript course at the moment - I'm trying to use logical
operators at the moment, but I've got stuck right at the beginning with
submitting a value from a form into JavaScript.

I've stripped the page down to 2 forms that are identical except from the data
input methods - 1 works (text inputs), 1 doesn't (radio inputs).


The form with the radio button displays a result of 'undefined', when it should
be either 0 or 0.25

Can someone please take a look at this to kelp me out?

Thanks for your time
Tim Burgan

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