[thelist] OT: Windows 2000 Networking

Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Thu Nov 13 06:51:57 CST 2003

David Mitchell wrote:

>Here's the lowdown on the machines:
>1) Windows 2000 server - sees all and can be seen by all
>2) Windows XP pro - see all and can be seen by all
>3) Windows 2000 pro - sees above 2, but can't see new machine (4)
>4) Windows 2000 pro (new machine) - sees (1) and (2) but can't see (3)
>All all using the same protocols and are members of the same workgroup. The
>only anomaly I can think of is (3) is a laptop and is on a wireless
>connection. My router is set up to serve DHCP. Maybe this could be the
So the problem is only affecting Win2000 Pro and affects them both.  So 
the problem is relating to two machines.  This both widens the scope and 
shortens the list of causes (did that make sense??).

How are the local accounts configured on the individual machines?  Is is 
possible that the administrator password differs between the machines.

What do you get when you run "net view" from the command line on these 
two machines?  Also, try running a "netstat /a" check that they are all 
getting the same settings from the DHCP server.  DHCP can control a 
large number of settings.  Is it possible to turn your Win2000 Server 
system into a DHCP server and removing the option from the router?  The 
reason I ask this is that you can often keep better track of what's 
going on if you run a fully featured (I'm amazed I'm using this turn in 
reference to a M$ product) DHCP server rather than the plug 'n' play 
ones that come with various routers.

It's almost midnight local time, but I should be back @ my desk in about 
9 hours, so I'll try ask some of the guys in the office if they've seen 
anything like this.

Michael Pemberton
evolt at mpember.net.au

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