[thelist] a portfolio of web work?

Boerner, Brian J brian.j.boerner at lmco.com
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You have to tailor your work to the kind of job you're after - IMHO -
"paper" portfolios for a web design position aren't very good at all.
Though you can judge creativity and design skills, prospective employers
will have no other way to guage how well you'll fit in with their
interactive group. Can you code, use CSS, animate, etc.

Interactive portfolios should be on CD or website... and if you feel the
need to carry something into the interview bring a sweet laptop with
your work all cached up and ready to roll.

swag with your URL is an ok thing to leave behind - especially if it's
unique and ties into your site. or just a really well designed business
card is enough - especially if you have a kick-a55 demo

If you're headed for print work or want to do both print and web THEN
you'll need a top-flight site and book.

np "Sun Green", Neil Young

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Here's a question for folks who make a living doing web work. When
asks you to bring a portfolio, just how are you representing your online

work in a physical manner? I've got an online portfolio, with details of
role in various projects, links to sites I've developed, and in cases
content is not available to the public online, either copies of some of
pages, or sample files with sensitive content removed. I work online,
most often I'm asked for examples of my work online. But I've been asked

for an actual physical portfolio, that I can carry in and put on
desk. I'm not sure just how best to do this, especially since so much of

good web work depends on how well the user can USE the site. I'm not
just how best to approach putting stuff on paper, or if there's a better

way to do a physical portfolio of online work.


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