[thelist] HomeSite: Search & Replace for special characters?

Tomas Kokoska koksa.uh at seznam.cz
Thu Nov 13 11:10:53 CST 2003

> > > I have a big document where I'd like to search and replace lots
> > > and lots of tabs and carriage returns. I cannot seem to figure
> out
> > > how to do this in HomeSite - if it is even possible. I think it
> > > is, because I thought I did it once before.
> >
> > In CF Studio you can do this with Extended Replace (Ctrl+Shift+R by
> > default).
> >
> > Perhaps Homesite has something similar?
> Right, HS has extended S&R which is what I would use - my particular
> question is WHAT to use as the search string for TAB and RETURN? I've
> tried ^T and \n etc to no avail. How do you tell the engine to find a
> tab or a return?
> Tom

So, I've tried it (and read little piece of help documentation :-) and it's
much easier.
Just press Tab in the Find area and nothing in the Replace with area and it
will do the trick.
The same with Enter/Return. Optionally you can check "Skip tags while
That's all and it works (HomeSite 5.0)


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