[thelist] easy way to convert character encoding?

Scot Radowski scot at vquill.com
Thu Nov 13 19:53:45 CST 2003


I too am interested in something along these lines.  Don't know if this 
will help you or not, but I found a thorough php script collection at 

The third link is for jcode. The readme describes the encoding it will 
convert from/to.


[tom jaimz] wrote:

>hi thelist crew,
>i have a database with quite a lot of information encoded in shift_jis, and
>we've decided because we are going to eventually have to use multiple
>languages on one page, it's logical to convert over to utf-8 encoding.  does
>anyone know of any easy methods - perhaps just a couple of well-constructed
>vbscript functions - to convert the data from shift_jis to utf-8?

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