[thelist] Amusing spam aside... and spambotting

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Fri Nov 14 00:01:57 CST 2003

Last year one of my domains got hijacked for the spoofed return
address of some crappy spam.....

><p>I'm a real person writing to you, and I'm telling you this works...
>           <br>
>           Give it a try... You WILL make some serious cash !</p>
>         <p>Hi,</p>
>         <p>You may have seen this business before and<br>
>           ignored it. I know I did - many times! However,<br>
>           please take a few moments to read this letter.<br>
>           I was amazed when the profit potential of this<br>
>           business finally sunk in... and it works!</p>
>         <p>With easy-to-use e-mail tools and opt-in e-mail,<br>
>           success in this business is now fast, easy and<br>
>           well within the capabilities of ordinary people<br>
>           who know little about internet marketing. And the<br>
>           earnings potential is truly staggering!</p>

I logged the process of getting the spammer shut down/moved on

Letters to the UK  DTI and trading standards offices local to the UK spammers
seem to have moved them on to PO boxes as the site I put up reproduces
their postal addresses in the spam.......

#1 spammer using my domain moved off the top 5 list for the MLM
scheme BUT one of the spoofed addresses given on my webpage has now been
spam botted!!! thus just got the same spam TO the spoofed address!!!

Fortunately it was sat in the 3000+ list of ignored/blocked  spams I 
read through...

TIP: never give your email address "unmunged" on any web resource that
can be "botted"... spam botted that is!


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