[thelist] [OT] Win Clock Screensaver?

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Mon Nov 17 02:33:56 CST 2003

Can anyone point to a (preferably freeware) screen saver that does nothing 
but display the time? (bouncing, moving around, all that kind of stuff 
doesn't really matter)

I've found 3D clocks, alarm clocks, task bar clocks, clocks that talk, 
clocks with chimes, clocks that launch processes,  skinnable clocks, clocks 
that emulate analogue clocks, clocks with calendars, clocks with tips, 
clocks that are part of your desktop, clocks that are self-adjusting, so on 
and so forth.

I just want the time to appear on my screen (as "3:46") when I walk away 
from my machine.

Can someone point me to one, please?


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