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muinar evolt at muinar.com
Tue Nov 18 05:06:32 CST 2003

At 00:13 18.11.03, you wrote:
>I'm wanting to start a discussion list (listserv), does anyone know how I go
>about doing this..
>1. I don't want to use yahoogroups.com
>2. I was more thinking along the line of an ASP/PHP application that would
>handle everything.
>Just as this group [thelist] operates, users and post and reply messages, 
>is how
>I want my discussion list to operate.
>Can anyone offer any help?

Hi Tim

If it's an open list, make sure that the list software handles bounces
(expired email addresses) automatically, and that Spam, formatted email,
attachments and admin requests (test, unsubscribe etc.) to the list are
filtered out. Otherwise you might end up in really heavy redundant work.

Consider using a hosting service that offers mailing list packages with
mailman, for instance Pair.Com . Mailman lets you customize its HTML
interfaces, like here for instance (that's my list):


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