[thelist] robots.txt... logs files?

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Tue Nov 18 08:28:31 CST 2003

Message from John C Bullas (11/18/2003 07:43 AM)
>At 01:55 18/11/2003, Diane Soini wrote
>>>Re: [thelist] robots.txt
>>Thanks for the info. I don't have as much access to the log files as 
>>probably most of you because I don't host the site myself. I suspect the 
>>hosting company I use filters out some of these problems out of their own 
>If you have a "nice" host you will find the logs UP from your web/http 
>directory when you log in to FTP

I was able to request the raw logs from readyhosting. It's not a by-default 
option though.


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