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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
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> that's why i brought up the issue of the geotrust ssl certs not working
> webtv.  webtv does not recognize the root authority used for geotrust
> (equifax).  so, no ssl for that browser at all.  it can't even connect to
> the site via https.
> *most* browsers these days come with a number of root certificate
> authorities already installed.  check the compatibility level for each
> vendor when making your decision.


Also, you can install the certificates on the server that provide the return
path back to the root authority.  So, even if you install a certificate from
a lesser known vendor and the browser throws a warning, you should be able
to install the vendor's certificate at the server and the warning will stop.

Here's an example of a vendor who has instructions correcting the issue of
the warning:


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