[thelist] JS or IE6: refresh prompt

Tomas Kokoska koksa.uh at seznam.cz
Wed Nov 19 02:06:03 CST 2003

Try to do it this way (I do):

on the Page 1 append a new form with hidden inputs with names and values
necessary for this page.
Then submit this form from the Page2 instead of refreshing the Page 1.
Other way is to use GET method, but if you want to hide parameters from
user, I didn't find anything better.


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I have a page (Page 1) that opens a pop-up (Page 2) with a form on it.
When the form on Page 2 is submitted, it makes changes to the database
that generates dynamic content on Page 1, so the script on Page 2 then:
Reloads Page 1, Sets the Focus on Page 1, and Closes Itself.

Problem is, everytime it does this, Page 1 presents the built-in browser
pop-up:  "The page cannot be refreshed without resending the
information. Press retry to send it again ...."

The page is on an Intranet where only IE6 is used.  Is there a way,
either thru code or browser settings, to execute this code such that the
page will just refresh without prompting the user?

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