[thelist] ms smart tags?

Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Wed Nov 19 05:51:50 CST 2003

El mié, 19-11-2003 a las 12:32, Brian Cummiskey escribió:
> I recent saw the following in the head of a site:
> <meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="true" />
> can anyone offer some enlightenment on what this is? pros? cons?

It's the solution to a (currently) non existing problem. Back in 2001,
Microsoft threatened the world with its SmartTags technology, scheduled
for XP, that would read webpages and add custom links where it estimated

Uproar ensued, and SmartTags were dismissed. Today, that meta tag exists
half as a memorial of the whole issue, half as a way to be as
future-proof as the best :)   

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