[thelist] Scroll Position (Javascript)

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Thu Nov 20 09:59:12 CST 2003

> >I capture a certain click event and I can figure out the
> coordinates of
> >that
> >click. I want now to determine how much VISIBLE space there is in the
> >browser between that click and the bottom of the VISIBLE area of the
> >browser.
> >
> >Does this make sense? In other words, I want to know how
> many pixels below
> >the click event the user is able to see in his browser when
> the click event
> >happens.

Perhaps I was not clear in what I wanted. I copied your code verbatim, ppk,
just to confirm, but it indeed does not do what I want.

If you look at a web page in a browser and I point out to you a certain
element, perhaps a button, you could then tell me by looking (or measuring
with a measuring tape) how many inches there are from that item to the
bottom of the browser window. If you now scroll the window, that button will
move closer or farther from the bottom of the window and that figure will


The above page keeps the Simulated Watermark always 5 pixels (or so) from
the bottom of the browser. I want to know for any given object, how many
pixels it is from the bottom of the browser.


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