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Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
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Unless a website exploits an unpatched browser, the only other way is by
getting the user to agree to it (eg a javascript popup or similar).

Other ways that are common include installing software (such as ActiveX
controls). For example, installing Kazaa (which is a popular file sharing
app) also results in various bits of spyware etc being installed on your

If you install an application, you really have no definitive way of knowing
all the changes that it'll make to your system. You have to rely on the word
of the vendor.


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I'm more interested in -how- websites can hijack your home page.  Does
anyone know how they do it?  Not that I'd encourage that kind of behaviour..
but AFAIK the only method to set a users homepage is via a JavaScript that
uses a confirmation window.  However I've had my home page hijacked in the
past, but I certainly haven't accepted any JavaScript home page changes..

> I know that this was covered recently but there is a web site
> that has hi
> jacked my home page. Every time I get on, it takes over.
> Would some one please repeat the way to handle this?
> TIA,

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