[thelist] Scroll Position (Javascript)

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 21 06:17:06 CST 2003

>Perhaps I was not clear in what I wanted. I copied your code verbatim, ppk,
>just to confirm, but it indeed does not do what I want.
>The above page keeps the Simulated Watermark always 5 pixels (or so) from
>the bottom of the browser. I want to know for any given object, how many
>pixels it is from the bottom of the browser.

Ah, right, you want the coordinates of the event relative to the viewport. 
The clientX/Y properties of an event give it. Compare to window dimensions 
(see http://www.quirksmode.org/viewport/compatibility.html) and you've got 
what you want.

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