[thelist] {Spam?} Longdescription?

Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Fri Nov 21 09:07:58 CST 2003

El vie, 21-11-2003 a las 15:38, Brian Cummiskey escribió:
> I was just running the bobby validator, and stumbled upon this:
> <img src="bobbylogo.gif" alt="bobbylogo" longdesc="descriptions.html"
> width="88" height="31">
> Where, descriptions.html goes to a page ABOUT the image.  Is this
> supported at all?  I have never seen this before?  Does it validate?

Actually, it's the intended use for the attribute, so it surely
validates :)


longdesc = uri [CT]
    This attribute specifies a link to a long description of the image.
This description should supplement the short description provided using
the alt attribute. When the image has an associated image map, this
attribute should provide information about the image map's contents.
This is particularly important for server-side image maps. Since an IMG
element may be within the content of an A element, the user agent's
mechanism in the user interface for accessing the "longdesc" resource of
the former must be different than the mechanism for accessing the href
resource of the latter.

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