[thelist] Forms, foreign characters and Cold Fusion

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Fri Nov 21 17:09:15 CST 2003

So, if one expects a lot of international characters in a contact form for
an international client, how does one ensure that the characters are passed
with some integrity, rather than as garbag-y looking stuff?

I've tried a great number of things, but the problem seems to be that the
info is passed from the form as the "wrong" ASCII number. Does this require
a JavaScript to convert the high-ASCII characters to their actual high-ASCII
values, before they are passed to the server?

I'm using Cold Fusion, though I'm not convinced that it matters what I'm

I have the same issue with a form in Flash which calls a CFMAIL tag, but I
haven't tried as many solutions with that just yet.


matt g

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