[thelist] OT?: Motherboard: Kobian KOB KT266a FDSX

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Sat Nov 22 10:37:20 CST 2003

At 06:38 AM 11/22/2003, John C Bullas wrote:
>I am pretty certain my so called Pc Experts have thrown be a li(n)e here:
>Motherboard: Kobian KOB KT266a FDSX
>Cooling fan connected to the CPUFan1 power connection no other connections
>They say the fan speed is controlled by the motherboard
>I beg to differ..... Can any one confirm this/deny this
>(fan runs at a constant noisiness, any options in BIOS, can't find 'em)

Fuzzy memory - I think some higher end board can vary the fan speed. I 
didn't see anything on the Kobian site to suggest this. If your fan is 
noisy - check the mounts or replace it. A noisy fan is either hiting wires 
or vibrating because it's loose, or the bearings are going.

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