[thelist] OT: Terminal Services / router configuration

Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Sat Nov 22 20:42:16 CST 2003

I need help!  Up until recently I have been able to successfully use
terminal services to access my Windows 2000 Server (at home) from remote
locations.  However, my cable company must have blocked my port as I am no
longer able to access it.  I also had WSFTP Server set up so I could pull
files down remotely and that no longer works.  I'm wondering now if I can
reconfigure my router so that I access them using different ports?  I have a
DLink DI 714+ router.  
If anyone else has experienced this, has a work around or the knowledge to
do this, I would very much appreciate some assistance.  Feel free to email
me off-list.
todd at promisingsites.com

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