[thelist] Nested tables in a popup DIV display incorrectly in Mac IE5

Alex Teslik alex at acatysmoof.com
Sat Nov 22 11:28:30 CST 2003


     I have had one hell of a time trying to get some fairly simple popup code
to work properly. Currently it works with all browsers except Mac IE5 on OS9.
I know this browser is the pickiest of the lot, but the html code that I am
populating the popup with is braindead simple.
     The problem I am having is that nested tables display incorrectly on Mac
IE5 when they are in a DIV. When I have a nested table in a DIV IE5 breaks the
table into its constituant tables, but displays them vertically stacked on top
of each other. The result is a table that is the correct width, but is
multiple "table-heights" in height. Setting the bgcolors allows one to see
each table separately in all its erroneous glory.

Nested tables in a DIV also cause all of the text to be smashed to the bottom
of the DIV, but only in Mac IE5.

I've posted a simple page with very clean code that shows the error:


Can anyone help?


P.S.- I'm not subscribed, please forward responses to my email. Thanks!

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