[thelist] CSS Guidance

Gina Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Sun Nov 23 15:07:13 CST 2003

Hi all,

I'm having a little trouble with something I'm trying to do in CSS. I have a
<div class="blogbody"> that surrounds paragraphs of text, and any image in
that div that I display, I want to put a border around. I thought I could do
this without a class.

I tried in the stylesheet:

	img.blogbody {
		border: 1px solid #DEDEDE;
		padding: 4px;

Which doesn't seem to work.

	img {
		border: 1px solid #DEDEDE;
		padding: 4px;

Obviously puts a border around ALL the images, which I don't want. Why
doesn't img.blogbody work? Can I do this without having to put a class in
the img src code, because I REALLY don't want to. :)


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