[thelist] DHTML Menus

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Mon Nov 24 03:16:57 CST 2003

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From: "Beau Hartshorne" <beau at hartshorne.ca>
Does anyone have any comments about the code? I'm especially interested
in the "correctness" of the JavaScript and CSS implementations. Also,
does it work in your browser? There are some positioning issues that I
haven't worked out in IE 5 Mac/PC, but they are minor and I don't want
to add any more JavaScript code (especially detect code) than is
necessary to make these work.

Basically the idea is nice, but it isn't working correctly in standard
The menu opens about 5 cm away from the link.
In other browsers it's ok though.
I think it would look better if the initial links all had the same width, so
the submenu didn't jump around.
Having a little > mark on those links that opened a submenu would also be
nice, as I was rubbing the 'your home' link with my mouse, before I realized
it didn't have a submenu.


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