[thelist] Content management

Bill Haenel mail at webmarketingworx.com
Mon Nov 24 10:46:46 CST 2003

> One of my client wants to update two web pages on her own, 
> instead of me updating it. One of the page is for monthly 
> tips which she wants to update herself and another one is to 
> change the name of the pdf file and the link reference.

For simple, down-n-dirty stuff, and if you don't mind putting just a
little work into it, Spaw is pretty nice:

Use it free for non-comm (GPL) or pay a nominal fee for commercial use:

It replaces a text field with a GUI HTML editor (IE, of course - but
I'll bet that's what your client uses). All you have to do then is
handle the form data, which can be saved in a DB or in a flat file. The
HTML is pretty clean, too, which, aside from the GPL/commercial
licensing options is why I prefer it over others that are out there.

Check the example function at php.net for writing to a file (replace
$somecontent with your form field/$_POST, and change the 'a' in the
fopen() function's arguments to 'w' to overwrite the file's existing

I like to set up an include file that holds the editable section. That's
the part that is written with the SPAW field. Then I include that file
in the actual page. This way, your user is only editing the parts that
you want them to.


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