[thelist] Content management

kisan kisan at blr.vsnl.net.in
Mon Nov 24 12:21:57 CST 2003

>>There is a (incomplete - my bad) set of articles on Evolt
called the
>>ABC's of CMS which demonstrates a really simple CMS. Since
you only have
>>a couple of pages and links it would probably work well.

Thanks a ton Jay.
I was in the midst of scripting in PHP/MySQL, when I saw
your mail.

It will help me a lot. Nice article and some of the reader's
will help me in making it more secure.

While I was writing this mail I read Bill's mail....

>>For simple, down-n-dirty stuff, and if you don't mind
putting just a
>>little work into it, Spaw is pretty nice:

Thanks Bill I will surely check it out.

Now I have to read all the articles and the logic used in
spaw and then continue with my script.

Thanks a ton.

Kisan Bhat

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