[thelist] window.self question

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 12:42:34 CST 2003

At 17:43 24/11/2003, michael grover wrote
>Certain paid-for links on my site are getting hammered by spiders.  I have 
>the idea that I can hide the links behind javascript and thwart the more 
>stupid spiders.  But, I can't figure out how to use javascript in such a 
>way that it won't go about opening a new window.
>Here's what I start with:
><a href="#" onClick="window.open('target_page.html',''); return 
>false;">Paid-for link</a>.
>Now, I thought that I could change window.open to window.self and I'd be 
>just fine.  But, it doesn't do it.
>Any ideas?  Or, any other ideas for how I can obfuscate these links 
>from  spiders while still making them usable by humans?

exclude the spiders using mod_rewrite or <Limit GET> in .htaccess if you 
can work out their IP addresses

<Limit GET>
order allow,deny
allow from all
deny from #www.case.com
deny from mx.domactive.com # towson mail server 07 02 03

etc (not sure if stated domains work but IPs (and part IPs ending in "." 
do) and set

ErrorDocument 403 http://someurl.com

to route the spiders to no where or somewhere if the preset 401 error page 
is unsuitable



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