[thelist] pdf and activex

Boerner, Brian J brian.j.boerner at lmco.com
Mon Nov 24 12:50:52 CST 2003

in exporting PDF from photoshop it is possible that you did not save the file as PDF format even though the file extension says PDF it may be a bmp or something else - I've done that before....

see if you can open it up from acrobat reader directly - if not reexport from PS and you should be good to go

np. "desolation row", Dylan

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> I've got a pdf file written from PhotoShop.  Using IE to open it gives an
> "activex warning".  Not all pdfs do this in IE, so it's something about
> pdf or PhotoShop that is causing this problem.

When I think of PDF I usually think of Acrobat.  With Photoshop I generally
think of PSD.  Is there any chance that you may be misreading the file

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