[thelist] DHTML Menus

Beau Hartshorne beau at hartshorne.ca
Mon Nov 24 18:55:52 CST 2003

> Basically the idea is nice, but it isn't working correctly in 
> standard IE6/winXP. The menu opens about 5 cm away from the 

Good points, I've implemented your suggestions. I've also put some more
work into simplifying the CSS selectors, making sure I'm not applying
margin/padding to inline elements, etc and have come up with something
that works perfectly in Mozilla/Safari, IE 5, 5.5 and 6 PC.

They are very buggy in IE 5 Mac. If anyone has any idea what the problem
might be, please let me know.

Here's the latest:


> I've had some problems using dashes (" - ") in IDs etc.  A 
> while back. but at some point, something I did in javascript 
> threw an error because of them, and ever since I have avoided 

I've heard about this too. I've changed the ids related to the
JavaScript to useCapitalLetters.



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