[thelist] Site check - Race to the Top

Simon Perry simon.perry at si-designs.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 05:56:48 CST 2003

Chris Brody wrote:

>Hi all,
>If you like, please have a look at www.racetothetop.org
>Although the site has now gone live, there's still scope for making changes
>in the near future. Apart from the home page and the news pages (produced
>with Radio Userland) the site avoids the use of tables for layout, and is
>compliant XHTML/CSS2.
>All comments gratefully received!

Nice looking site but it does have some display issues for me. My bet is 
that you tested your development on IE6 during production. Although the 
page validates for both XHTML and CSS, IE has sprung a nasty surprise 
and has ignored the [1] doctype and rendered in quirks mode. The reason 
for that is the xml declaration on the first line. As your dimensions 
are tuned for the IE broken box model, Mozilla / Firebird and Opera all 
hide the main text under the right hand "news" boxes; see screenshots 
[2]. If you remove the xml declaration then IE6 should behave as the 
others and you will be able to apply one set of  dimensions for all 
current browsers. IE5x series will most likely need hacks to ensure they 
display the same.

My only other comments would be that <rant> I really hate the flashing 
"get involved" box in the bottom right hand corner. IMHO it detracts 
from the page and looks very amateur</rant> and the search field should 
have a white or at least different colour background as to my eye it 
just looks like a depressed button.


[1] http://www.hut.fi/u/hsivonen/doctype.html
[2a] horizontal scrollbar even at 1164!
[2b] borders don't meet on project news box

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