[thelist] print button thoughts

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 08:24:56 CST 2003

At 14:12 25/11/2003, Brian W. Reaves wrote
>Has anyone had any success at deterring a client from adding a "print this 
>page" feature on a site. Most sites content pages can be bookmarked and 
>returned too. For content that can't be returned too, perhaps we should 
>educate users on how to save a copy of a page on their computer.


I successfully argued (and rightly so) that a PDF version of the pages 
content would more guarantee the quality of the end
  result rather than being a hostage to the wildcards that are the 
viewing/printing facilities of the viewer when the page is
output from HTML to paper!!!

If you tell them their porduct will look pants if you let the viewer print 
out your page off the web it works wonders!!!!


>If users continues to go to sites and print the pages we will never curve 
>the amount of paper wasted on web sites.
>Sorry if this sounds like a rant but I am going through this now with a 
>project and I would love some assistance on how others have handled this issue.

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