[thelist] Print Page Dimensions, virtual A4 anyone?

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 10:14:45 CST 2003

>If I were to print an image at the largest possible size on a single sheet
>of paper on a standard PC monitor of 72 pixels per inch, what is the largest

Since you cannot "print on a standard monitor" only view (and do you mean a 
running at 600x800 pixels or 1024x1280 pixels, zoomed or not?  and 12" or 
21"..... )
comparing screen output to print output is a bit of a waste of time......

what about... dot pitch too? Dot Pitch 0.26 mm or 0.27 :) ............holes 
in the screen per inch :)

Beige Plastic Printer resolution is in dpi: dots per inch

My "almost self-aware" HP Deskjet does some stupid level of Dpi for photo 
quality (1200?)
my old HP LJ4 does 600 or 300.......

Pink human ink-stained-fingers printers talk in points per inch:
A point is 1/72 of an inch! = 72 points to the inch... end of story.....

>possible pixel dimensions? Since there are varying ranges dpi and ppi, what
>then would be a good standard rule of thumb to stick by?

AND Smart software screws it all up as well....

So, since the maximum size of printable area on a piece of paper
depends on the printer, and the actual size of the image to be 
automatically printed can
be stretched and shrunk (in proportion or not) to maximise the printed area
on the paper (on most users wish list)....

......... there is little or no way you can relate the printed output to 
how it looks on screen... agree?

I hate to say this.. but.... why not use ACROBAT (PDF) to deliver full 
pages  of an image?

Scanning....if you work on >72dpi for reasonable screen viewing, I usually 
use 150dpi minimum to be safe,
above that consider how it is being printed out...... Photo Quality is 
4800? x 1200? dpi print resolution on some Canons!


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