[thelist] Using name anchors with querystring data.

HUTTON III, WILLIAM J. WJHUTTONIII at energy-northwest.com
Tue Nov 25 10:59:50 CST 2003

I have an existing ASP page that contains three name anchors, but can also contain querystring data.

Generally, the page initially loads with no name anchor references, or querystring data;


Then a user may or may not click on a hyperlink that is a name anchor;


Then they enter some data, click submit, and the form does it's thing, and the page reloads, this time with some querystring data;


I've done some usability studies, and I see that most users click a second time on the same link that they initially chose before doing the data entry.  So I'd like to reload the page with the name reference already in the url, like this;


The problem seems to be in how the querystring data is represented.

The name/value pair of the querystring appears to be data = foo#42, not data = foo, then #42.  Reversing the order to #42?data=foo (which makes sense to me!) doesn't seem to help, as the name reference appears to always be appended to the end of the url.

I know how to clean up the URL with some VBScript before the page loads, but it seems like there has to be a better way.


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