[thelist] Print Page Dimensions, virtual A4 anyone?

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Tue Nov 25 13:42:06 CST 2003

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> > There's no way we can help you if you won't help yourself?
> It's totally not about that Josh. I was just hoping that someone knew.
> Obviously not.

This is truly one of those subjects where it's hard to create a definitive
answer.  So many variable--such as the type of image, the type of printer,
and the software used to stretch the image and interpolate of the subtle
dithering between pixels--are not within the typical operator's control.

Your safest bet to ensure print quality is to overcompensate the resolution
and then ask the browser to stretch it to 95%, if not 100%, of the view
Unfortunately overcompensating the resolution increases file size which is a
factor when developing things for the web (this is a website related
question, right?)

A couple people have suggested variations on this... has it not worked for
you?  If
not, what issues are you encountering?

Joshua Olson
WAE Tech Inc.

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