[thelist] div scroller (was: Re: Site check - Race to the Top)

s t e f notabene at f2o.org
Tue Nov 25 14:43:15 CST 2003

<quote who="Brian Cummiskey" when="25/11/03 12:29">

> looks good on my end...
> win2k/ie6
> only thing that might be better fixed is the bottom right image.  the corners are
> kinda blah...  clean that up a little bit.
> i like the use of the div scroller instead of the iframe.

I found this trick nifty when I first saw it on a design site.

I was even considering putting it on my website, because it enables so 
much more different content blocks above fold.

Then I tried to scroll in the div with my mouse.

And then I found that, although if I'm not mistaken i haven't seen it 
mentioned in any usability article, it annoyed me considerably to have 
to hold the mouse down to be able to read the entire div's content when 
my mouse was in auto-scroll, or my hand was on the page-up page-down keys.

And now I feel like it's not such a good idea to lock content in a 
scrolling div with overflow:auto.

s t e f

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