[thelist] Dependent select boxes?

Jayde Van Doorn jvandoorn at sliger.com
Tue Nov 25 17:55:54 CST 2003

I think I'm suffering from "I can do that"-itis.

My employer wants to create a page that will allow customers to customize
selections. So, widget A is available in blue and red, widget B is available
in pink and orange. OK, no sweat. Now, however, a blue widget A is available
in right and left handed versions, and a red one is available in small and
large. Et cetera, ad nauseam. OK, maybe not the nauseam part.

Yes, they want select boxes ("Radio buttons and check boxes would be
visually confusing." they say).

So, can I do that in JavaScript? Is there a better way?

Thanks so much!

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