[thelist] Strange behaviour (passing parameter)

Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 25 19:38:41 CST 2003

Hi all,

Joao Verde wrote

>Now, the odd stuff... I used the Lorem Ipsumator (at 
>http://www.loremipsum.de/download.htm) to generate 64000 characters of 
>Lorem Ipsum :-) and tried the "preview text" to see if it could handle that 
>amount of data. What I'm yet to figure out is why the popup loads not the 
>text, but a site called "Internet Marketing Breakthrougs" for which I have 
>absolutely no link whatsoever... if I trim the text to a much smaller size, 
>say, 5K, the popup loads it nicely. If I fill it with more, it goes to that 

As a programmer I have had similar problems, however, very rearly. For 
instance, using a counter that works swell up to the exact same digit every 
time. Then it messes up.

It sounds like you have a buffer over flow problem. The buffer holds only so 
much then it overflows and "floods" another variable. The fact that you 
always use the same data and the same size of buffer could explain why you 
always get the same error. Try some other data and see what happens.

See what you can do in PHP to change the buffer size, load in the data 1K at 
a time, etc. Try different things and try to learn more.

Let me know what happends.


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