[thelist] Site check - Race to the Top

Chris Brody subscriptions at cbrody.com
Wed Nov 26 02:36:19 CST 2003

Various people wrote:

> It falls apart very badly with large font sizes:
> <http://dorward.me.uk/tmp/supermarket.jpeg>

With IE, the font size jumps in huge increments when changed, possibly
related to the fact that I'm primarily using ems for sizing - any ideas how
to fix this?

> even with my normal font size there was significant overlapping
> of the right hand side with the text

> the homepage is a bit munged in safari1.1 osx.3 - the centre column
> of text is partially hiding under the supermarket news and project news.

Fixed - thanks.

> At any font size about 40% of my browser window was being wasted...
> with horizontal scrolling.

Not sure why there would be a horizontal scrollbar, as the site is designed
with a width of 730 pixels. Must be a browser bug! ;)

> You have an XML prolog, so I'll hazard a guess that you have designed
> for MSIE bug emulation (quirks / legacy) mode rather then to current
> standards.

Well, the prolog is recommended by W3C, and it addresses the bug in IE where
text-selection becomes impossible if absolute positioning is used (as per
glish.com etc.) IMO this bug is a killer: absolute positioning makes it
possible to use the same basic template for all pages, and not being able to
select text correctly is, well, just unacceptable. I prefer to compromise by
splitting the difference between "standards-compliant" and non-compliant
browsers, using quirks mode, rather than have the text unselectable and/or
hacks to get IE 5x etc to behave. I know this is a religious issue to some,
but until this bug is fixed it's quirks mode for me (or relative positioning
of course...)

Thanks for all the feedback!


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