[thelist] (css) site check

Jellle Desramaults jelle at chong.be
Wed Nov 26 04:07:48 CST 2003

Hey list, 

My name is Jelle Desramaults, i'm a belgian webdesigner and new to the list, nice to be here.

i"ll start off with a bit of a selfish post, 

iv'e set up my basic css layout on : 

first try on the non-table approach

my setup is winXP, IE 6.0, opera 7.23, mozilla 1.5 

hopefully my css stands strong in the face of older versions :)



lotsa possibilities  for cross browser & cross platform site testing,


"VMware Workstation allows us to simultaneously run several operating systems on a single PC. The ability to handle multiple functions ... blabla"


Jelle   Desramaults

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