[thelist] Re: Strange behaviour (passing parameter)

Joao Verde verde at sardware.com
Wed Nov 26 06:33:09 CST 2003

In reply to Ken Moore:

> It sounds like you have a buffer over flow problem. The buffer
> holds only so much then it overflows and "floods" another variable.

I inspected the content of the HTTP request variables and it works as expected with little data (didn't yet find the time to count exactly how much will work) but when I try the 65K of text, it doesn't.
What bugs me is that when there is a lot of data the request doesn't go to my specified PHP file, but directly to that site. One I have never visited before and for which I have no link written anywhere. (that I know of...)

> See what you can do in PHP to change the buffer size, load in the
> data 1K at a time, etc. Try different things and try to learn more.

My PHP settings should have no trouble in handling 65K of text. What I ended up doing was to write in Javascript the function I needed, doing everything client side. Can't do all I wanted because I'm not as skilled in JS as I am in PHP, but at least I'm not going to sites I don't want to. :-)


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