[thelist] (css) site check

Stephen Caudill SCaudill at municode.com
Wed Nov 26 08:51:42 CST 2003

--------------- Jellle Desramaults wrote: --------------- 

: iv'e set up my basic css layout on :
: http://www.chong.be/mountaintop/index2.html
: first try on the non-table approach

Think I accidentally found a keyboard shortcut to send mail by...
please ignore any incomplete posts that come through.  Okay, once 

It looks Great in Mozz1.5b and IE6 on Win2k (all patched up), 
assuming you intended to stagger the graphics across the top. I do
find the body text bordering on hard to read (at .6em) and I have
excellent eyesite, although the text does resize well...  

Opera, on the other hand does something weird with your banner:
This is what made me wonder if you intended the staggered look I 
saw in IE and  Mozz:
But, again, I think it looks intentional, and therefore wil continue
to assume so until told otherwise :)

Since you said: "hopefully my css stands strong in the face of older 
versions :)" I wiped the dust off my v4.79 NetScrape and pointed it
at your site.  See:
Now, the name of the game here is degradability, which it does, but
there are a couple of issues that could be taken care of to make it
more useable.  Currently, the big problem, if you'll reference the
screenshot above again, is the "October, 19" link that has moseyed
across the screen.  It, AFAICT is causing the links below it to 
cease proper functioning... only the very very bottom of them can be
clicked, almost like an invisible layer is overlaying the top 9/10
of them. Otherwise, it does surprisingly well :)

Stephen Caudill

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