[thelist] WYSIWYG text area editors that will work on a Mac

Jono Young Jono at brookgroup.com
Wed Nov 26 09:30:20 CST 2003

If you are going to use it for web developing, you might as well shell out
the extra cash and get Macromedia's Dreamweaver.  You get a WYSIWYG text
editor, plus everything else you need to build a website from scratch.  You
can't find better...in my opinion.

On 11/26/03 9:39 AM, "Julian Voelcker" <asp at tvw.net> wrote:

> I am trying to find a WYSIWYG text area editor that will work on Mac
> and PC platforms and ideally work with the latest Safari browser.
> There are a lot out there, but are mainly PC based.
> I have been testing Ektron's eWebP flash based product, but it is a
> little basic and inflexible, so any other suggestions would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Cheers,
> Julian Voelcker
> Cirencester, United Kingdom

Jono Young

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