[thelist] re: xml transformation question

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 14:37:30 CST 2003

Shortly after I posted, I rememebered I had done something like this
before using expat for PHP (d'oh - memory is the first to go.) I have
a working test here:


(php code that does it is at the bottom of page, in blue)

Based on the XML file:


So - here is my real question. I believe its the characterData()
function that allows me to print out the element value. I don't want
the full dump of XML at the end for starters. Next, I want to take
each element's (well, some of them) and save them to variables. Then
I can write my PHP to test those values and serve up the appropriate

How can I set some variables to the element values? This is where I
am stuck, also - getting rid of the full output of the xml.


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