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You can do it with a transformation. There's probably a better way to do this with a "real" scripting language...

<xsl:variable name="currtemp" select="/city/tempuratures/fahrenheit" />
	<xsl:when test="$currtemp > 0 and $currtemp <= 10">
		<xsl:attribute name="src">/pathtoimage/singledigits.gif</xsl:attribute>
	<xsl:when test="$currtemp > 10 and $currtemp <= 20">
		<xsl:attribute name="src">/pathtoimage/teens.gif</xsl:attribute>
	<xsl:when test="$currtemp > 20 and $currtemp <= 30">
		<xsl:attribute name="src">/pathtoimage/twenties.gif</xsl:attribute>
[...etc. through the tempurature range...]
		<xsl:attribute name="src">/pathtoimage/notavailable.gif</xsl:attribute>

Disclaimer: Untested, but I've been working with this stuff for a few months.


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I have an XML file I want to parse, and based on some data in that
file (weather info) display an appropriate image. This idea was
stolen from a friend of mine (you know who you are) who is doing
something like this only in much more detail. I want mine fairly

Anyway, the XML file is here:


Basically, before my page loads, I want to look at the XML file, then
decide (I suppose with PHP) based on temperature, etc which of maybe
10 pictures to show.

I know the basics of XML and the concepts of XSLT but that's it. Not
sure where to start.



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