[thelist] Flash MX Action Script HELP NEEDED!

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Wed Nov 26 18:21:00 CST 2003

> From: Shae Hawkins shae at web-connect.net

> I have a map of the United States. Each state is it's own button. I am
> trying to program it so that when a user clicks on a state, the
> abbreviation for that state is placed in a text field below the map. So,
> if a user clicks on Georgia, California, and Colorado, then in a text
> field below the map, the user would see GA, CA, and CO.
> I am trying to use the LoadVariable in the action scripting, but I am
> having no luck.

You don't need loadVariable.

You need a dynamic text field with a var name assigned.

The following assumes that the map, and the text field which will display
the state names are all at the _root level. You can re-work this to any
arrangement you like, but hopefully the general idea will come across enough
to get you going.

Place a text field on the stage in the first fram of the _root level. In the
text field inspector, assign the dynamic text field a "Var" name. I'll use
"stateText" for this example. Once you've done that, put code like this into
an otherwise blank layer in the first frame of the movie.

_root.stateText = ' ';
_global.stateCount = 0;

function addState(newState) {
    _global.stateCount = _global.stateCount + 1;
    trace("current state count: "+_global.stateCount);
    if (_global.stateCount > 1) {
        _root.stateText = _root.stateText + ', '
    _root.stateText = _root.stateText + newState;

Now, assign/attach the following script to each button on the map. Just
change the 'CA' to the appropriate state abbreviation.

on (release) {
    trace("add CA button clicked");

I don't guarantee that the code will work as is, but it's a start. I've
added some traces to help you figure out where it's not working.

If it doesn't work at all, I'll try to create a working sample.

Good luck,

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