[thelist] WYSIWYG text area editors that will work on a Mac

Juha Suni juha.suni at ilmiantajat.fi
Fri Nov 28 07:32:06 CST 2003

Julian Voelcker wrote:
> It's a bit of a pain because it looks like the market for browser
> based WYSIWYG editors that work on the PC platform are about 2 years
> ahead of Macs.  We use either RichTextBox or Ektron's eWebEditPro for
> PCs and they work extremely well, but not on Macs.

The problem is that IE for Mac does not support the commands (DesignMode,
contenteditable) that the PC-version does. What makes it worse is
Microsoft's announcement that there will be no new versions of IE for Mac
anymore. So a short answer would be "cant be done". Extensive javascript
could get close, or a Java-applet could perhaps do it all but its already
drifting away from the original idea.

Mozilla, however, is starting to support a similar, supposedly even more
powerful way of doing the same thing (see
http://www.mozilla.org/editor/ie2midas.html for more information). So if you
find an app that supports Mozilla (Although I doubt not many do yet), and go
for a mac-version of Mozilla, you would have what you are looking for.

At work we have created a commercial product (WYSIWYG CMS working in a
browser), but that as well is IE / PC only, and I have not had enough time
and need to dig further into the Midas-thing to see if I could convert the
editor to support mozilla too.

I need to do that though, in time.


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